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Motion Mentor's Mission is Clear

Grow the parkour industry by developing parkour Business owners

Parkour business owners attending a group mentoring session to grow their parkour business

Motion Mentors have already achieved incredible results

parkour clothing grow your parkour cloehting and retail brand with motion mentors.jpeg
Getting to work with Motion Mentors leaders has absolutly been a key part of Hops Co. growing and making the impact we're aiming for." 

Parkour Clothing & Content Creator, Tyler Trueblood

"[Motion Mentors]'s advice has been instrumental... your sales tactics helped us convert more than 50% of our leads"

Parkour Gym Owner, Jon Swikes

parkour gym owner grows parkour gym with the help of motion mentors. increasing sales and

Lets Get Specific

Okay, how exactly has Motion Mentors helped parkour business owners? 

In these podcast episodes, we go deep into what Motion Mentors clients have done to find success—by their own definitions, on their own terms.

Mitchell Tillwick's parkour gym earned $17,000 in additional revenue within 3 months, compleetly paying for his full mentorship package

Seth Ruji's gym experienced record breaking membership sales in the months after working with Motion

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